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Why we built Launchpad

We are building Launchpad to help democratize the most powerful technology humans ever built. Read why we are joining the fight against closed-source AI.

Why we built Launchpad

Deploy your apps on Metal with Cloud 66 partnered with Cloud 66 to make deploying your apps on the Edge more straightforward. With and Cloud66, developers can deploy their applications on bare metal servers by simply pushing to master.

Maxihost and Cloud66

Making multicloud management easier with and

Multi-cloud management is a mess. We want to make it easier, so we're announcing the integration with dashboard

Better bandwidth graphs

Measuring and understanding your traffic is an important part for sizing your infrastructure and keeping costs under control. Today, we're excited to launch new bandwidth graphs. They are much faster and easier to read, and were built from the ground up to help you make more sense of your traffic.

Bandwidth Graphs

Announcing Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

With RBAC you can easily add and remove users, assign one of four predefined roles, and limit access to your account based on what people are allowed to do within your account.

RBAC User List

New in Maxihost: See the progress of your deployments in real-time

It’s good to know that your Bare Metal is being deployed instantly after you requested it, but it’s much better when you know what’s happening during that process. Starting today, you can!

Announcing the Maxihost API

We’re extremely excited to announce that the API that powers Control, Maxihost’s web interface, is now finally public! Get started now

API Illustration

Reinstall the Operating System through Control

Today we’re excited to release a new feature: OS reinstallation. Now you’ll be able to reinstall your Bare Metal Cloud servers with only a few clicks.

S9ITEUMRsm2pVdffHjml reinstall-ssh-en

New server deploy page, feedback widget, and other features

We are excited to announce the release of new features in Control. We’ve added a feature to make it easier to quickly deploy new servers, a new feedback widget, and layout adjustments to make the dashboard more streamlined and easier to use.

New deploy page