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Why we built Launchpad

We are building Launchpad to help democratize the most powerful technology humans ever built. Read why we are joining the fight against closed-source AI.

Why we built Launchpad

Solana MEV-Validator Server Program: Jito & Partnership

Unlock the full potential of MEV on Solana with a powerful validator at a discounted price. Sign up for the server program today. and Jito Labs partnership announcement

Building a microservice application from Day 1

A customer ran an experiment to find the best cloud provider for deploying scalable microservice applications.

Microservice diagram

Maxihost is now

Today, we have some very exciting news about the evolution of our company. Maxihost is now

Maxihost is now Brings its Powerful Bare Metal Cloud Platform to London's new location in London will support cloud infrastructure requirements for Gaming, Streaming and Web3 applications in the UK and neighboring European countries.


Ankr Partners with Bare Metal Cloud Provider to Scale Web3 Infrastructure Globally will be delivering more than 100 bare metal servers to Ankr across 13 global Edge locations.

Ankr and Maxihost Selects Scala Data Centers to Extend Brazil Data Center Footprint's new MH2 facility will be deployed at Scala's SP2 data center in São Paulo, enabling's global bare metal offering from Scala's ecosystem

São Paulo

Expanding's footprint to Mexico

We are excited to announce the expansion of our global presence with a new platform region in Mexico City. This adds a third location to our Latin America footprint, following our established locations in Brazil and Chile.

Mexico Region Expands Footprint to Mexico City via KIO Networks Brings Powerful, Automated Bare Metal Servers for Cloud and Edge Applications to Critical Latin America Interconnection Hub


Deploy your apps on Metal with Cloud 66 partnered with Cloud 66 to make deploying your apps on the Edge more straightforward. With and Cloud66, developers can deploy their applications on bare metal servers by simply pushing to master.

Maxihost and Cloud66