Making multicloud management easier with and

February 18, 2020

Most Enterprises have some sort of multicloud environment on their stack, simply because different clouds are better at certain things than others.

Running RDS on AWS, an Active Directory cluster on Azure, and a handful of Bare Metals on is enough to make even seasoned System Administrators sweat.

Amplified by an ever-growing and often unnecessary complexity that shows up during application development and deployment, cloud environments have become so different from company to company that managing them is a challenge particular to each organization.

In order to simplify the management of these workloads, we're excited to announce our integration with

Mist is a multicloud management platform that helps you manage the most generic abstraction of your clouds, servers, and VMs, while also providing integration with other services like Kubernetes.

By using with Mist you can deploy and manage your bare metal servers, and do the same for all the other clouds that your company or team uses.

We're excited to be partnering up with the talented team at Mist so that our customers will finally be able to bring their virtualized clouds and bare metal servers together on a single control panel.

Getting started is as easy as adding your API token to Mist's dashboard, here's how.

PS: users who sign up for Mist in February, will get three months of free usage.