Containers run better on Bare Metal

Save money, improve performance, and cut your server footprint by more than half.

No VMs necessary

Container-to-container noisy neighbor effect is real and difficult to debug, not to mention the overhead.

Greater compute and I/O

Individual containers deliver up to 30% greater compute and I/O performance in a bare-metal environment.

Better resource utilization

VM-based container environments resource utilization may be as low as 15% in contrast to 90% for bare-metal stacks.

Make bare metal the home of your containers

Reduce infrastructure

  • Reduce hardware requirements by 50%
  • Reduce TCO by 70%
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Eliminate noisy neighbors

Increase performance

  • Increase density
  • Increase I/O and CPU performance by 30%
  • Increase resource utilization by up to 75%
  • Increase IT velocity

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