Tailored bare metal infrastructure

Latitude.sh Build gives you all of the benefits of on-premise infrastructure without the trade-offs. Deploy ten or thousands of fully automated bare metal servers specific to your needs, from RAM to Rack.

How it works

On-premise infrastructure without the trade-offs.

You don’t need to have your own procurement team and an army of infrastructure engineers to support your growing infrastructure. It’s time to leave your legacy on-premise deployment behind.

Hardware and connectivity

Tell us the hardware you would like to deploy or work with us to determine the best specs for your need. You can customize every aspect of your deployment, from RAM to Rack, and our team handles everything, from procurement to credential handoff.
Buenos Aires
Los Angeles
Mexico City
New York
Sao Paulo


Select the locations where you would like your servers to be. Depending on the size of your deployment, we can set up a new location for you in as little as 45 days.

Control plane


Platform onboarding

Once everything is delivered and installed, we onboard your infrastructure on the Latitude.sh platform. All platform features and our powerful API become available so you can manage your edge infrastructure the same way you manage your cloud environments.

Ongoing features and services

Custom infrastructure without the trade-offs of having to run and manage your own hardware.

Hardware upgrades

Component upgrades on a fixed or recurring schedule.

Custom SLA

Custom SLA contracts for incidents and remote hands.

SAML Single Sign-On

Integrate with Okta, AD, or any other SAML provider.

Shared Slack channel

Share a Slack channel with our sales and technical teams.

Hot and cold spares

We stock and manage spare parts so you don't have to.

Priority support

Around the clock priority support.

Closing the gap between cloud and on-prem

The challenge for Operations teams going multi-cloud is to enable automation through dynamic and distributed infrastructure while keeping control and security of their fleet. These teams will sometimes choose to build on-premises and spend out of their core competency, or buy sub-optimal resources from public clouds, deploying infrastructure that will get only half of the job done.
Latitude.sh Build gives Ops teams total control over their infrastructure without the responsibilities and risks of traditional options—customized builds, unmatched scalability and all of the automation Latitude.sh is known for.

Teamwork, from our team to yours

Preserve your teams' core competencies as you scale, while maintaining full control of your physical cloud. We empower your teams to do their best work so you can scale with confidence, without having to worry about unnecessary complexity.

Click on the video to see how we deployed 150 high-density servers in Latitude.sh's privately owned data center in São Paulo.

Dedicated support each step of the way

Latitude.sh Build helps you navigate each stage of your cloud strategy with comprehensive assessments, tried and tested practices, and powerful solutions relevant to your business.
Our approach to global deployments has helped hundreds of mid-market companies and enterprises streamline their IT infrastructure.

How can we help you?

We partner closely with you from onboarding to deployment, offering 24x7 support, dedicated technical account management and personalized recommendations for your business goals. Let’s get started.