The global network

Reach millions of users around the globe with’s global, carrier-grade network. Quickly create private networks, assign Elastic IPs, and manage network resources from an easy-to-use dashboard and a powerful API.

1 Tbit

peak network traffic

< 10ms

to major local internet providers

4 Tbit

total network capacity


ASNs directly connected

Extremely powerful, easily programmable

Features of's Carrier-grade network.

20 TB bandwidth per server

You get 20 TB of free egress traffic per server every month automatically added to your monthly bandwidth quota.

Bandwidth pooling

Servers in the same region have their bandwidth quota pooled. This means you won’t worry about individual servers, and you’ll have a single place to manage everything related to your traffic.

Competitive overage rates

Going over your quota costs just $0.01 per GB. Overage is only charged when you exceed your quota after your bandwidth is pooled.

Programmable network

Use our API to create and manage your network resources programmatically.

Bring your own IP (BYOIP)

Use your own IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes on servers to comply with your security and management policies.

Fully isolated IPv4 and IPv6

All servers come with a set of managed IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. These addresses are fully isolated from other customers.

DDoS protection

Unmetered, high-availability DDoS mitigation is available from our global scrubbing centers, equipped to handle any distributed attack.

Additional IPs

Add additional IPs to your projects and use them on any server in the same region.


Understand your individual and aggregated bandwidth usage with one click. Quickly understand your environment.

Private networking

Quickly and easily create private networks to connect servers in the same region securely. Traffic from private networks is always free.

Bandwidth alerts

Get email notifications when your bandwidth consumption goes over 80% of your quota.

Elastic IPs

Create, assign and remap additional IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to any of your bare metal servers in seconds.

Get there faster

Peering and upstreams

Interconnected with more than 3,500 major service providers, gets your data faster to users of your applications, wherever they are.


  • CogentAS174
  • DEFTAS23352

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