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Capacity Reservations

Introducing Capacity Reservations

June 12, 2024

Say hello to Capacity Reservations, a feature designed to ensure you get the servers you need as soon as they become available.

With Capacity Reservations you can:

  • View and reserve servers before they become available

  • See which servers will be added to our fleet and when 

  • Track the delivery status directly from your project’s page

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Guides Section

Find Help Faster with the Redesigned Docs

May 30, 2024

We optimized our documentation to improve your experience. The new layout speeds up navigation, making it easier for you to find the help you need. 

Here's what's new:

  • Streamlined structure for quicker access to essential information

  • New Guides section with tutorials for all skill levels to help you deploy and manage anything on

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UI Update

A refreshing update to the dashboard

May 13, 2024

Today, we are releasing a powerful update to the dashboard. As we continue adding more features and products, many of you have suggested that the navigation could be improved.

Here's what's changing:

Sidebar updates
  • Search has moved to the sidebar and is now powered by the Command Menu

  • The quick create button is now more easily accessible. Quickly create resources, add team members, and create new projects in one click

  • More importantly, everything related to your team has been moved to the bottom of the sidebar. This allows for both contexts — teams and projects — to be completely separated while still saving you multiple clicks

Project selection
  • Project selection has been moved to the top of the content section, called breadcrumb. When changing projects, you are now kept on the same page

  • No more wondering about which project you are creating that new server for. The breadcrumb is persistent across all pages

There are many other quality-of-life updates on the dashboard. See if for yourself

Improvements & Fixes

April 30, 2024


  • Upgrade to Monthly: switch your billing cycle from hourly to monthly and save 5% by reserving instances on a monthly basis. To do that, access your server dashboard, select a server, navigate to the Details section, then click on the option for monthly billing located below. Check out the docs to learn more.

  • Schedule Server Deletion: it is now possible to schedule the deletion of reserved servers at the end of the billing cycle.

  • Launchpad Blueprints: the feature lets you easily deploy your existing models and save new ones for quick deployment in the future.

New SDK Versions


  • Version 1.3.0 is now available

  • Updated with resource tagging


  • Version 1.7.0 is now available

  • Updated with resource tagging and scheduled server deletion


  • Version 1.0.0 is now stable

  • Updated with resource tagging.

Check out the SDK docs →


Resource Tagging

April 18, 2024

Categorize and manage resources using Tags.

You can now assign Tags to your Servers and VLANs to organize them by purpose, environment, or any other criteria relevant to your workflow.

Tagging makes it easier to search, filter, and group resources based on your specific needs.

You can create, edit, and delete tags through the dashboard, API, or CLI. To access the new tagging feature on lsh, make sure you update it to Version 1.3.0.

Check out the docs →