Why we built Launchpad

January 17, 2024

Artificial Intelligence is the most powerful technology ever built. Its impact and reach will only keep growing and will soon be a constant for everyone, everywhere.

Large Language Models are what powers AI today — they are tremendously capable. The problem is that the most powerful Models are controlled by a handful of companies fighting for dibs on AI.

No one company should hold that much power.

We believe AI should be open, accessible, and transparent. We firmly believe closed-source models have no place in a world where AI is abundant and present in our everyday lives.

Advancements in AI and categories driven by AI, such as robotics, will lead humanity to unprecedented prosperity.

Launchpad is our response to the growing threat that closed-source AI models and AI regulation, for that matter, present us.

Our goal with Launchpad is to do as much of the heavy lifting as possible to give developers the tools they need to disseminate open-source AI to everyone who needs it.

Our vision with Launchpad, as implied by its name, is to be a platform that helps catapult humanity to this new era. We are committed to building it aggressively to gradually bring price down, facilitate the deployment of open-source AI, and give powerful tools to builders who share our vision.

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