Deploy, manage and program bare metal.


Use the power and flexibility of a true bare metal cloud platform. Through our API and dashboard, manage and get real-time information about your bare metal fleet.

Global edge locations

We operate every aspect of our points of presence, so you have a single partner for your global presence.

Carrier-grade network

We build and manage our network in all locations, which gives us more control of how we want it to work.

Custom builds

Deploy one or a thousand fully automated bare metal servers specific to your needs.

24x7 support

Were to help with questions and implementation tips. Contact our support specialists any time of day.


Organize your resources into groups that make sense for you. Create projects to separate different workloads and environments.

User management

Add, edit, set permissions, and remove users in one click.

SAML Single Sign-On

Log in to with your IAM. Our SAML integration supports the provisioning and de-provisioning of users.

Multi-factor Authentication

MFA is available as an additional security step for Email and OAuth-based logins.

Pay with crypto

Pay for your usage with cryptocurrency.

Referral program

Share a unique referral link and receive rewards when referring a new user to

Hourly billing

With hourly billing you only pay for the resources you use for the period they were used.

Event logs

With Events you can easily audit everything that happens in your account, from new members being added to changes to your infrastructure resources.


Everything you love from the cloud, delivered on bare metal. Fully isolated, single-tenant dedicated servers, with no agents and no overhead, powered by automation you would only find in virtual environments.

15-second deploys

Deploy servers with the most popular Operating Systems in 15 seconds. All OSs that can't be deployed instantly are deployed in just 10 minutes.

Remote access

Securely connect to your server's IPMI for out-of-band management.


Deploy servers with RAID 0 or RAID 1 for improved data resilience.

User data

Run arbitrary commands on your server when it first boots. Use variables to pull device information dynamically with zero effort.

SSH Keys

Add any number of SSH keys and deploy servers that are secure by default.


Securely wipe all of your data and provision the same server with a fresh copy of the operating system of your choice.

Operating systems

Deploy any major operating system with one click, including Windows Server, Ubuntu, Debian, Flatcar, Rocky Linux, and others.

Rescue mode

Easily make changes and recover data if you lose SSH access to your server.

Custom images

Use iPXE scripts to quickly deploy the custom image of your choice.


Access your server's Serial Console over SSH if it becomes unreachable over SSH. Out-of-band is the easiest method to start a recovery process for your instance.


Enterprise-grade hardware to run the most demanding workloads.

Single-tenant servers

Deploy single-tenant servers for more performance, control, and no risk of noisy neighbors.

SSD and NVMe disks

Choose from enterprise-class SSDs and NVMe flash drives.

GPU instances Accelerate provides powerful GPU instances to run the most demanding training, fine-tuning, and inference use cases.


Reach millions of users around the globe with’s global, carrier-grade network. Quickly create private networks, assign elastic IPs, and manage network resources from an easy-to-use dashboard and a powerful API.

20 TB bandwidth per server

You get 20 TB of free egress traffic per server every month automatically added to your monthly bandwidth quota.

Bandwidth pooling

Servers in the same region have their bandwidth quota pooled. This means you won’t worry about individual servers, and you’ll have a single place to manage everything related to your traffic.

Competitive overage rates

Going over your quota costs just $0.01 per GB. Overage is only charged when you exceed your quota after your bandwidth is pooled.

Programmable network

Use our API to create and manage your network resources programmatically.

Bring your own IP (BYOIP)

Use your own IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes on servers to comply with your security and management policies.

Fully isolated IPv4 and IPv6

All servers come with a set of managed IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. These addresses are fully isolated from other customers.

DDoS protection

Unmetered, high-availability DDoS mitigation is available from our global scrubbing centers, equipped to handle any distributed attack.

Additional IPs

Add additional IPs to your projects and use them on any server in the same region.


Understand your individual and aggregated bandwidth usage with one click. Quickly understand your environment.

Private networking

Quickly and easily create private networks to connect servers in the same region securely. Traffic from private networks is always free.

Bandwidth alerts

Get email notifications when your bandwidth consumption goes over 80% of your quota.

Elastic IPs

Create, assign and remap additional IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to any of your bare metal servers in seconds.


We obsess over developer experience. Integrate faster and make changes to your environments with APIs that are powerful and easy to use.


Manage infrastructure resources programmatically with our fully documented RESTful API.

Terraform provider

Deploy and version bare metal servers and other infrastructure resources with's Terraform Provider.


Use our robust, documented SDKs to integrate with the API.

API filtering and sorting

Filter API results with criteria including case sensitive, has prefix, has suffix, and contains. Sorting is also available for almost all attributes.

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