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Latitude SAML

SAML Single Sign-On now available

June 21, 2022

Teams can now use their identity provider to log into with SAML Single Sign-On. All major identity providers are supported, including Okta, Active Directory, OneLogin, and Auth0, and can be configured by going to the Settings section of the Settings & Billing page.

There's an optional Directory Sync feature, allowing teams to automatically sync users form a directory provider, adding and removing users automatically based on changes happening in your IAM.

Contact Sales to learn more, and check out the documentation.

User data

Run code on a server's first boot with User Data scripts

June 7, 2022

User data are small scripts that run on a server's first boot, letting you quickly customize a new server the first time it boots after its deployment.

With user data, you can easily change the root password, notify of a new deployment on Slack, install packages, and more with just a few lines of code.

Check out the documentation as well. Debian 11 logo

Debian 11

May 31, 2022

Debian 11 is now available for all instant and spot instances across all locations.

Improvements and Fixes on

Small features & improvements

May 11, 2022

We are continuing to ship features and improvements based on your feedback. Here are some recent changes.

  • Batch deploys: Create multiple servers in one go through the server create page. Check out the docs.

  • Private Networks beta: Go to the Layer 2 page in the dashboard to sign up for early access to one of our most requested features.

  • Filters: More filters have been added to the servers page, and you can now filter by region, hostname, and label, using operators like contains, is equal to, has prefix, and has suffix. Additionally, filters are now persisted in the URL, making sharing a specific view with your team easier.

Command Menu

Command Menu

April 5, 2022

Introducing the Command Menu. Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate without using your mouse. The Command Menu not only helps you navigate the dashboard, but you can also use it to search for servers and IP addresses.

Check out the documentation to see the list of shortcuts available.