lsh is's command line interface. Free and open source.

lsh is the easiest way to deploy and manage your infrastructure without leaving the terminal. Use lsh to work with servers, containers, settings and more.

The CLI is open source and we are happily accepting contributions. Go to the Github repo, tell us what you want to see, or open a PR with your suggestions!

Try on the command line

Install on MacOS, Linux or WSL:

Using Homebrew

brew install latitudesh/tools/lsh

Using the installation script

curl -sSL | bash

After installation concludes, the lsh command should be available.

Getting started

Using the lsh is as easy as using the API or dashboard. The response is returned in a table format, but JSON is also available by passing the --json argument.

To log in, get an API key from the dashboard and run lsh login API_KEY in your terminal.