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Announcing Launchpad

February 29, 2024

Today we are excited to announce that Launchpad is now in public beta. Launchpad is a container-based GPU cloud for model fine-tuning and inference.

Our goal is to do as much of the heavy lifting as possible to give developers the tools they need to build on and serve open-source AI.

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We provision the containers directly on bare metal, which means your container's resources are fully dedicated. All containers are powered by 16 CPUs, 185 GB of RAM, 1 TB of NVMe Storage, and a single GPU, which you can choose from the two options available in our beta:

  • NVIDIA's H100 (80 GB vRAM)

  • NVIDIA's L40S (48 GB vRAM)

Multi-GPU containers and more GPU options will be available soon. Check out the docs →

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