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NVIDIA's L40S is Now Available

February 6, 2024

We are excited to introduce a new GPU option to our products, NVIDIA's L40S. This new chip from NVIDIA is powered by the Ada Lovelace Architecture, designed with 4th Generation Tensor Cores, 3rd Generation Ray-Tracing Cores, and CUDA cores, bringing 91.6 Teraflops of FP32 tensor compute.

With 48 GB of vRAM, this new GPU is a great option for running inference and has enough memory to train models with up to 24 Billion parameters in FP16.

The L40S is now available for Accelerate and Launchpad.

Accelerate - From $1.04/hr

  • 8 x NVIDIA L40S

  • Dual AMD 9354, 64 Cores @ 3.25 GHz

  • 1536 GB RAM

  • 4 x 3.8TB NVME

  • 2 x 10 Gbps NIC

Launchpad - From $1.32/hr

  • 1x NVIDIA L40S

  • 16 CPUs

  • 185 GB of RAM

  • 1 TB of NVMe Storage

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