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Introducing lsh, the CLI

February 2, 2024

The command-line interface, lsh, is now available!

The CLI brings straight to your terminal: from auditing to provisioning, lsh makes it easy to retrieve data about your infrastructure and perform a variety of key actions.

With a simple command, you can quickly check out available plans, get information about your servers, assign a server to a virtual network, and scale your infrastructure up or down by adding or deleting servers, projects, API keys, SSH keys and VLANs. Getting started with the CLI is as easy as installing it and adding your API token. For more information about it, including the full list of commands and examples, click on the link below.

Check out the CLI docs →

Our CLI is fully open source and we'll improve it based on your contributions. Go to the project repo and give us your feedback.

Check out the open-source project →

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