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Introducing lsh, the CLI

February 2, 2024

The command-line interface, lsh, is now available!

The CLI brings straight to your terminal: from auditing to provisioning, lsh makes it easy to retrieve data about your infrastructure and perform a variety of key actions.

With a simple command, you can quickly check out available plans, get information about your servers, assign a server to a virtual network, and scale your infrastructure up or down by adding or deleting servers, projects, API keys, SSH keys and VLANs. Getting started with the CLI is as easy as installing it and adding your API token. For more information about it, including the full list of commands and examples, click on the link below.

Check out the CLI docs →

Our CLI is fully open source and we'll improve it based on your contributions. Go to the project repo and give us your feedback.

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Improvements & fixes

December 11, 2023
  • API version 2023-06-01: Version 2023-06-01 of the API is now stable. Version 2022-07-18 has been marked as deprecated and support will be removed in June 2024. This API introduces breaking changes. Please review them on the API changelog.

  • Dashboard updates: The sidebar has been updated to provide a simplified navigation experience. Pages Metal and Accelerate have been merged into a single page called Servers. This page now has a native filter called GPU Servers.

  • User invite email: Invited users will now receive an email when they are added to a team.

  • Private Management IPs: The private IPv4 IPs that come with your instance don't have a purpose unless you are using Remote Access. They have been removed from API responses and the dashboard to make the information available more relevant to your day-to-day operations.

  • GitHub authentication: We have added the ability to sign in using your GitHub account.

Reserved monthly billing

Save on your bill with On Demand Monthly

December 7, 2023

We announced hourly billing earlier this year to remove the friction of getting started with It is great when you want to run PoCs or to quickly scale up and down. For predictable workloads, it is often better to have consistent, linear pricing for your resources.

Today, we are adding the ability for you to choose between hourly and monthly billing when deploying a new server. With monthly billing you save 5% compared to the hourly rate.

The same project can have both hourly and monthly servers. You choose how to be billed at the server level, giving you a lot of flexibility when building your infrastructure.

Check out the docs →

Support center

Support center now available to all customers

October 16, 2023

All customers can now create and track support cases directly from the dashboard.

Our newly launched Support Center empowers you to raise support tickets, monitor their progress, and interact with messages from our dedicated Support team.

Tickets created through the Support Center can be viewed by other team members so you can easily share the context of your support cases with your team.

The Support Center is available on the Support link on the top-right side of the page. g3.large.x86 A100 GPU instance

Introducing the g3.large.x86

October 5, 2023

Today, we are excited to introduce a new GPU server: the g3.large.x86.

This instance is powered by NVIDIA's highly-regarded A100 GPU, providing a level of compute power comparable to the g3.medium.x86, but with the superior compatibility characteristics of the A100 GPU.

The g3.large.x86 is a great option for workloads that particularly benefit from the A100 capabilities. The GPUs are connected via PCIe and paired through NVLink, ensuring high-speed data transfer and dedicated, non-virtualized performance for your workloads.

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