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Founded in 2015, Gamers Club is the biggest company of esports community development in Brazil, providing 128-tickrate servers and its own anti-cheat.

The Brazilian esports company offers a better alternative to playing and learning about games

With the goal of turning competitive matches of online games into a professionalized sport, Gamers Club is a company committed to the development of the eSports scenario in Brazil. In May 2016, Gamers Club joined forces with Games Academy to help its users learn and improve the way they play while offering the best possible experience in terms of competitive gaming.

Founded by Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo, a professional player of Counter-Strike, Yuri Uchiyama, and Juliano Mirandolli, Gamers Club became the largest eSports platform in Brazil. With its sudden growth, the company’s Director of Engineering, Felipe Pregnolatto, noticed the need to look for better options to host their servers.

During the first hours in's data center, we saw a great improvement in the latency of our servers.

Yuri Uchiyama, CEO

After experiencing recurrent problems with scalability and technical support, Gamers Club's staff started to think about the best hosting option for their services. When searching for different providers, Gamers Club chose for having seen in it the solution to the problems they were facing, with the advantage that IT infrastructure costs would go down.

Moving to provided assistance so that the migration happened in an easy and open way. “They helped us even before we signed the contract,” said Felipe. “While we were negotiating prices, they were checking our environment and studying the best ways to migrate our workloads.” The decision to use Colocation and Custom Deployments was made, and the migration process was easy, according to Felipe.

Gamers Club continues to grow and expand its infrastructure inside MH1,'s privately-owned data center in São Paulo.

We work very closely with's technical support team, and that's something really important to us.

Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo, Co-Founder

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reduction in infrastructure costs


reduction in players' average latency


reduction in incidents related to scalability

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