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Aura's mission is to provide secure and private access to the world's information for every person on the planet. However, offering safety is not enough. They also strive to provide the best connections ever, which drives the company to look for the best providers.

Aura's outages were reduced to zero with

Aura first contacted when they were looking for a trustworthy partner that could offer a reliable network, previously a challenge for the company's Latin American business units. They wanted good performance and enough capacity to support their traffic. Aura needed a provider that not only offered great service but also provided a secure network that would protect its users' VPNs. successfully passed a series of performance tests proposed by Aura's team. In addition to meeting all the technical aspects of Aura's needs, also offered dedicated support and guaranteed constant updates on maintenance windows and possible downtime, providing peace of mind to Aura's team.

Before working with, Aura frequently experienced outages, which resulted in a massive number of user complaints. Once it started using's infrastructure, Aura's outages evaporated. Previously, there was an average of five per quarter; after implementation, outages fell to zero. The impact was immediate, and user complaints dropped significantly.

Why Aura chose

  • Outages dropped from an average of five per quarter to zero.

  • The number of user complaints decreased significantly.

  • Infrastructure costs were reduced by 40%.

Cost-benefit ratio is a key value of working with

It's no secret that can offer highly competitive pricing, but a cost-benefit analysis demonstrated to Aura the real value of the deal. offers bandwidth aggregation for larger projects, which enables a customer to track the bandwidth needed for all its services in a single place instead of having to track everything separately. Once all Aura's bandwidth had been aggregated, Aura could reduce the number of servers it needed by 40%.

Aura is expanding to North America with is Aura's main provider in Latin America. It runs the São Paulo data center and was recently chosen for Aura's expansion to North America. Its recent set up in Miami, Los Angeles, and Chicago was a success, and Aura is considering a further expansion of the partnership to other markets.

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reduction in infrastructure costs

0 outages

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