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Server filtering

Filter servers by region

October 19, 2021

Server filtering allows you to select servers that match certain criteria. You can set a filter that will show all available servers that are located in a region, leaving out all of the other ones.

This is especially useful for projects with many servers so you can more easily find and manage your bare metal servers around the world.


More visibility into your invoices

September 29, 2021

You can now see detailed information about your invoices.

The detailed invoice in the dashboard lists all line items and a description for each one. In addition, line items for Servers expand, allowing you to see costs associated with each bare metal instance in a project.

Read more in the documentation.

Github and Microsoft Identity Providers

Windows and Github Identity Providers now available

September 22, 2021

In addition to Google, we have added two more identity providers for you and your team to log into and sign up to — Microsoft and Github.

If you are already using Google or email to log in, selecting a different identity provider will work without any additional setup.

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