MUBI improves streaming quality by 5 points on servers.

MUBI is a movie streaming platform different from all others, it especially offers the movies you don’t typically find at your local multiplex. MUBI brings people together by enabling them to watch, discover, and discuss independent and arthouse cinema.

MUBI sees significant improvement in streaming quality with

The deep understanding of MUBI’s needs allowed to build a unique solution that enabled latency and cost reduction while improving user experience.

Having started its business in the US and UK, MUBI is growing fast and expanding to other regions such as Asia and South America. Aiming to serve its users the best way possible, MUBI turned to to provide high-quality hosting and data services through a high-touch, personalized service.

Why MUBI chose

  • 300ms latency reduction in Argentina and 200ms in Brazil

  • 35% reduction in infrastructure costs in Brazil

  • Significant improvement in streaming quality (+5pts on the Global Performance Indicator)

We were looking for an approachable company to be a long-time partner that could help us grow our business. We needed customized machines with special features, and the support we got from enabled us to get the specific hardware we wanted. That was a great partnership from the beginning.

Federico Keen, Lead Developer at MUBI

MUBI strives to offer the best user experience by building their own Content Delivery Network

Following their strategy to own a CDN, MUBI’s specific hardware needs were not within's regular portfolio - but that wouldn’t stop the deal.

The business agreement between MUBI and allows the streaming company to own their servers over a leasing time, controlling what and how they stream their movies while having up-to-date, customized hardware. Additionally,'s personalized customer support gives MUBI higher agility to update hardware and the ability to easily talk to someone from the team.

“The flexibility showed in providing a solution that works for us under a commercial agreement that was a win for both companies allows us to be financially healthy in the region so we can continue to provide a great service to our fast-growing user base,” says Federico.

Working with reduced latency and infrastructure costs

South and North America are both important expansion regions for MUBI. The company first started working with to serve users in Latin America through the São Paulo data center, which immediately resulted in a significant latency reduction of 200ms in Brazil and 300ms in Argentina, the two most important markets in the region, while also reducing infrastructure costs by 35% and significantly improving their streaming quality.

The successful partnership has led to an important decision regarding the expansion — MUBI’s North American operation will be set up at's US locations beginning in late 2019 in Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

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points on its Global Performance Indicator


reduction in infrastructure costs in Brazil


latency reduction in Brazil


latency reduction in Argentina

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