Maxihost is now

August 16, 2022
Guilherme AlbertoCEO,

Today, a new chapter begins for our company. I’m excited to announce that Maxihost is now

Maxihost is now

In 2001, when I started Maxihost, we focused on hosting sites and email servers for SMBs. Since then, the web has completely changed. Our customers’ requirements have completely changed. We’ve changed, too, in step with these requirements and the broader future the web provides. 

Our vision, strategy, products, and people are the sum of the experiences we’ve shared with our customers. These have been great experiences and put us on an extremely positive path, one that is well beyond our initial vision.

The name Maxihost has served us well. However, we felt we needed a name that better reflects where our company will be heading in the next 22 years.


We wanted a modern name and a brand that reflects not just who we are and where we’ve been but, most importantly, where we’re going.

We will continue delivering the powerful, raw infrastructure you need to leverage the true power of the Edge. We will empower you to be as close to your customers, end users, and partners as possible and reach new customers and markets, wherever in the world they may be.

We feel our new brand aligns with where we are today and where we want to be tomorrow.

Our platform

Powerful software and hardware – connected through a low latency global network – underlie our platform.


  • We operate thousands of physical nodes in more than 16 locations around the world;

  • Hundreds of customers from over forty countries use our platform to power their businesses; and

  • Provisioning and managing single-tenant, bare metal servers at the Edge happens with with the same experience and features you see with the cloud.

We will continue to create products and tools that make the web faster. Our vision is that these products will live at the Edge, and that's where we'll continue to put our focus on. 

We feel our new name will do a great job guiding us in evolving our core products and introducing new ones in the years to come.

More about the new name

Choosing a new name for a company is never easy. Dozens of options. Countless discussions and opinions. It seems impossible to land on the right name at the right time and have all stakeholders simultaneously recognize that we’ve found it. was our yes moment. It inspires global reach and scale, reflecting our global presence and our willingness to reach however far we need to in order to serve our customers. 

When considered in its component parts, evokes LATAM Attitude, representing our Brazilian origins and our commitment to success in a competitive global market.

As a global company, we also needed a name that didn't require translation into other languages, that was modern, easy to say, and well understood. fulfilled this role perfectly.

From this foundation, we decided to be bold and, as we’ve always done, avoid the obvious.

This is why we chose the .sh extension for Latitude as it most directly aligns with the products we offer. SH stands for "shell script," a command interpreter on Unix systems. As our roots and products are highly related to Operating Systems, we couldn't have chosen a better extension or way to make Latitude truly ours.

The logo is simple and minimalistic, presenting the L of Latitude in an italic format that delivers a modern sense of speed and performance.

Other than that, nothing else is changing.

We are the same dedicated team that puts the customer at the center of our decisions. We remain focused on the quality of the product and the support we deliver.

Thank you & welcome!

I am incredibly grateful for the support of our team and customers. Together, we have achieved incredible things since 2001, with many more milestones to come.

Finally, we are hiring for many roles and believe this to be a special moment to join If you think the best work of your career is still ahead of you, consider joining us.