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Use your SSH Keys when reinstalling your servers 🔑

November 25, 2018

Just like when creating a new server, now on the Reinstall page you can use your SSH keys. Learn how SSH works or see how you can add your keys.

Announcing the Maxihost API

November 21, 2018

The API gives you everything that you need to integrate your applications with Maxihost.

With it, you can deploy servers, check your bandwidth usage, manage your account, and more, all via code. Read the announcement or get started now.

Using sshadd-ssh-key

Deploy more secure servers with SSH Keys 🔐

October 31, 2018

You can now add your SSH keys and use them to create servers. Creating a server with one or more SSH keys disables password access and ensures a safer server.

Add your key on the Security page, or see our docs to learn more.

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Scheduled Maintenances and Incidents are now shown in Control

October 15, 2018

Now when you access Control you'll see if there are any incidents or scheduled maintenances open on Status.

You can hide these notifications, and they'll only be shown again when they're updated.