A new generation of servers is here

December 16, 2020

2020 has been an intense year for the cloud, and the acceleration of Edge computing has been especially intense. Changes to the way people work and collaborate online have pushed enterprises to move their workloads ever closer to users, creating new use cases and needs for Edge computing.

That's why today we are excited to introduce a new generation of bare metal servers for the Latitude.sh Platform, a carefully selected and optimized selection that can be deployed instantly in many regions around the world, including an ARM-based server that is sure to make some of you excited about the future of the Edge. More on that later.

New servers, new names, more power

We are changing the names of our servers to help you better identify their purpose and main characteristics. This is not exactly an original idea, and we know that many cloud providers have adopted the nomenclature coined by AWS to differentiate their servers, but sometimes convention is better than innovation, and naming our servers to something that most of you are already familiar with felt like the natural move.


Second-gen servers are considerably more powerful than the previous ones, with every one of them having better specs than their predecessors.

On top of that, we are also introducing purpose-built machines that are optimized for particular workloads. Compute-optimized servers are available today, and soon you will also be able to deploy storage-optimized and network-optimized devices. Storage comes first with the s2.large.x86 server, a great option if you are looking to build your cloud-native storage.

This server sports a Dual Xeon 4214 processor with 24 cores at 2.2 GHz, 128GB of RAM, and two disks of 256GB SSD and ten disks of 14TB, as well as two bonded 10Gbps NICs. A great option for Kubernetes native storage like MinIO or Ceph deployments, or even iSCSI.

ARM The Edge!

We are excited to add an ARM server to the fleet, powered by the Ampere eMAG processor, an incredibly dense, enterprise-grade server that ARM enthusiasts will love!

With NVIDIA's acquisition of ARM and the introduction of Apple Silicon, ARM is sure to make a dent in the Edge, and we believe it will become a lot more popular in the near future.

We've partnered with Ampere Computing to bring their eMAG processor to the Latitude.sh Platform and are looking forward to seeing what our customers will run on this powerhouse machine.

All second-gen servers, including c2.large.arm are available today and can be deployed in any of our global locations. Deploy now!