Press release: Maxihost partners with Jelastic to launch Private PaaS Solution in Brazil

February 20, 2018

Maxihost announced a strategic partnership with Jelastic to deliver a secure container-based private cloud solution for Brazilian ISVs and SME’s

São Paulo, February 20, 2018 — Maxihost today announced a strategic partnership with Jelastic, a cloud company that supplies full-featured container-based platform for application deployment and management to offer a turnkey Platform-as-a-Service solution product for the Brazilian market.

The new offering includes stable, data safeguarded hardware and a cost-effective PaaS with full automation, advanced scaling and simplicity in usage. This on-premise solution perfectly suits the needs of ISVs and SMEs such as financial institutions, e-commerce websites and gaming companies that need full control over their Cloud deployments, accelerating time to market while maintaining a high level of scalability.

“The Brazilian market keeps showing increasing demand for IT solutions and thus demand scalable and reliable Cloud services. To deliver that, we’re launching a turnkey combination of the advanced Jelastic PaaS technology and the reliable local infrastructure from Maxihost,” said Ruslan Synytsky, CEO of Jelastic.

Jelastic enables DevOps teams to create, test and run their projects in production, with an advanced and user-friendly Cloud platform. This provides flexibility in terms of technology (Java, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Python, .NET, Go, Docker), project types (Cloud-native and legacy, microservices and monoliths), scaling (vertical and horizontal on container and hardware level), automation (built-in tools and open API for extra integrations), and pricing (pay as you use model based on consumption).

“The partnership between Jelastic and Maxihost enables our customers to go to market faster with a proven PaaS platform and our resilient, compatible infrastructure setup,” said Guilherme Alberto, CEO of Maxihost.

About Maxihost Since 2001, Maxihost is one of the fastest growing Dedicated Server and Colocation providers in Latin America. Maxihost is an Agile data center, providing companies with the power to control their infrastructure. Maxihost brings ultra-high reliability to customers requiring levels of agility and continuity not found at different sites.