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release new posts. Expands With Cologix In Dallas

Bare metal cloud platform joins Cologix's rich ecosystem with flexible, low latency connectivity solutions. Deploys at CoreSite’s Los Angeles Data Center deployed its advanced Bare Metal cloud platform and high performance, DDoS protected network at CoreSite’s One Wilshire campus in Los Angeles.

Introducing Remote Access, the safest way to access your servers remotely

Prior to today, when you needed to access your server remotely through IPMI, you had to contact our team, who would then create a VPN session and share temporary IPMI credentials that you could use. Since that is not ideal when you need to change things quickly on your infrastructure, we have been working hard to increase the speed and safety of all of these processes.

Remote Access Page

COVID-19 Accelerates the Demand for Online Gaming in LATAM with's Guilherme Soubihe

According to GlobalData, the global video game market is predicted to become a $300 billion plus industry by 2025. The Latin America region is one of the fastest-growing markets for online games with Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico leading the race.


Announcing Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

With RBAC you can easily add and remove users, assign one of four predefined roles, and limit access to your account based on what people are allowed to do within your account.

RBAC User List

Say hello to the new Maxihost

The new Maxihost is here! We’re launching a big update to our product offering, along with a new logo and website.

Old logo to new logo

New in Maxihost: See the progress of your deployments in real-time

It’s good to know that your Bare Metal is being deployed instantly after you requested it, but it’s much better when you know what’s happening during that process. Starting today, you can!

Announcing the Maxihost API

We’re extremely excited to announce that the API that powers Control, Maxihost’s web interface, is now finally public! Get started now

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What are containers and why are they different from VMs

Containers consist in a runtime (configuration between hardware and software) that containerizes an application and all its dependencies, such as libraries, configuration files and other binaries in a single package, known as an image.


What is Bare Metal Cloud

Bare Metal Cloud is a term that we’ll be hearing more and more in the coming years. As an alternative to conventional clouds, Bare Metal Cloud platforms have been growing and presenting themselves as a great alternative to virtualized environments by solving many of the problems that virtual machines deal with.

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