Say hello to the new Maxihost

May 7, 2019

Maxihost started as a simple web hosting provider in late 2001. We then went on to build our own data center in 2015, which enabled us to work with some of the world’s most interesting and innovative companies as they distributed their workloads in Latin America.

Today we're taking the next step in our journey.

We’re launching a big update to our product offering, along with a new logo and website. This is more than a coat of paint on our brand—it’s the result of long and profound collaboration between our in-house marketing team and James Mikrut and the great team from TRBL, who worked to create a new, more cohesive visual identity for Maxihost.

Old logo to new logo

Why now?

The company is growing and changing at a rapid pace. We’re no longer a niche service provider. We’re building IT infrastructure products that make the internet faster for companies at the forefront of their industries.

This has resulted in changes to our products and the need for the Maxihost team to turn its complete focus to the platform that is enabling this change.

Incremental adjustments to the old website weren’t an option, as much of it didn’t reflect the Maxihost we are now. From our messaging to product features, we knew we needed to start from scratch.

It’s still us, but more consistent and, we hope, more instantly recognizable.

We hope you enjoy it.