Expanding Latitude.sh's footprint to Mexico

June 10, 2021
Guilherme AlbertoCEO, Latitude.sh
Mexico Region

We are excited to announce the expansion of our global presence with a new platform region in Mexico City. This adds a third location to our Latin America footprint, following our established locations in Brazil and Chile.

Strategic Latin America interconnection hub

Mexico, with a population of close to 130 million people, is Latin America’s largest economy, after Brazil. The Mexico City metro area alone has more than 21 million people.

With the current acceleration of digital transformation, the Mexico market is fast becoming a major digital hub. Our new PoP is situated in KIO Network’s MEX|5 Data Center, one of the most important interconnection hubs in all of Mexico.

The facility is strategically located right in Mexico City and offers high levels of availability, redundancy and security, as well as access to a wide range of local and international networks.

Providing an enhanced user experience

Previously, our international customers were reaching end users in Mexico and Central America from Dallas, Texas. Having servers so much closer to targeted users and access to KIO’s low-latency networks in the region enables an enhanced customer experience.

Teaming up with KIO Networks

By teaming up with KIO Networks, we are also able to bring our bare metal cloud platform to companies based in the region.

In the words of Santiago Suinaga, Managing Director of KIO Data Center Services.

“Latitude.sh offers an impressive range of bare metal servers that are unrivaled in Mexico City, including purpose-built machines that are optimized for particular workloads including energy-efficient, high-performance ARM-based servers. Our many existing and future clients will benefit by being able to instantly deploy these powerful bare metal offerings using Latitude.sh's easy-to-use cloud platform.”

Geographic expansion plans

As we continue to bring the benefits of our bare metal cloud platform to broader audiences, we will be adding new locations in Europe and Asia to expand our existing presence in Latin America, the United States, Australia and Japan.