Announcing Private VLAN: Private networks for your servers in seconds

September 23, 2020

Creating Layer 2 networks in your Bare Metal Cloud is essential to keep mission-critical services away from the open internet, as well as to reduce your bandwidth costs.

Having your bare metal servers communicate privately usually requires a considerable amount of manual work. That's why we're incredibly excited to announce Private VLAN.

Private VLANs allow you to group servers, enabling private communication between them. This is useful in a number of instances where you don't want or need traffic from specific servers going through the internet. Connecting two or more servers in the same Private VLAN is the equivalent of them being physically connected.

An example of how you could use this feature is connecting multiple servers through a Private VLAN for backup purposes. By having your backup routines go through's private network, you not only benefit from added security but also don’t have to pay for outbound data transfers, greatly reducing your bandwidth costs.

Another common use case for Private VLANs is managing services like DHCP. packets on a Private VLAN do not go through the network layer, and traffic is not filtered in any way.

Private VLAN

Private VLAN is available today for users with access to the new dashboard experience. It’s also available from the API. To learn more about this new feature, go to the Help Center.

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback. Reach out directly to the team that built it at