DDoS protection

DDoS protection builds and manages its DDoS Protection infrastructure instead of offloading it to a third-party service. This means we have full control and visibility over denial-of-service attacks coming into the infrastructure and take proactive actions to mitigate attacks before they impact your services

With 7 Tbps of capacity,'s scrubbing centers are equipped to handle any distributed attack, no matter its shape or form.'s DDoS Protection can handle all known types:

Network Level

  • TCP Flood
  • UDP Flood
  • ICMP Flood


  • DNS Flood
  • NTP Flood
  • SNMP Flood
  • SSDP Flood

Fragmented Packet

  • Overlapping
  • Missing
  • Too Many

Application Layer

  • Repetitive GET
  • Slowloris
  • SlowRead

Specially Crafted Packet

  • Stack
  • Protocol
  • Buffer


DDoS Protection is included free of charge with all servers based on our Fair Usage Policy. We do our best to mitigate all attacks while ensuring the network isn't impacted. If at any point the attack is larger than our capacity, and if we're at risk of compromising the network and other customers, we might null-route the affected IP, which essentially means that we'll place the IP or IPs being attacked on a route that leads nowhere for a specific amount of time, usually two hours.

If we are constantly mitigating attacks that are too big, we will reach out to you and recommend upgrading to an enterprise DDoS Protection plan.