To deploy on, you need to create a Project. A Project groups your servers and network resources and helps you better organize your infrastructure.

Here is what you need to know:

  • You will receive a separate invoice for each one of your Projects.
  • Bandwidth is only pooled for devices in the same Project and country. Learn more at Bandwidth.
  • Users have access to all Projects within the same Team. To limit access to specific Projects, create a new Team.

Creating a Project

You can create a new project by going to the Home page and clicking on Create project.

Creating a project from the dashboard

The sidebar shows all projects that belong to your team. You can easily navigate between them or get them out of the way by closing the accordion. The dashboard remembers your preferences, so will always find your workspace exactly how you left it.

Project settings

To change details about your project and add SSH keys and user data go to the Project settings page.

Go to the project you want to manage and click on Project settings.

Project settings page from the Dashboard

Deleting a project

  1. Make sure you have deleted all servers and other resources like SSH keys associated with the project.
  2. Go to Project settings and scroll down to the Delete section
  3. Click on Delete and confirm your project's name.