Launchpad allows you to train, fine-tune, and deploy machine learning models through a container-based framework.

Launchpad is designed to provide a reliable, flexible, and high-performance environment for artificial intelligence projects. One of the most relevant features of Launchpad is the provision of high-level GPUs, ideal for performing the computational processing required by AI projects.

Launchpad shines when used for fine-tuning and inference on AI models.

What is fine-tuning

In deep learning, fine-tuning is a process of adjusting a pre-trained model to make it more suitable for a specific task. This involves continuing the model's training on a new dataset that is more aligned with the desired task.

For example, suppose you have an AI model for recognizing images of animals. You want to improve this model to be able to recognize different breeds of dogs. To do this, you fine-tune the model using a dataset of images of dog breeds. During this process, the model adjusts its parameters to more effectively identify specific characteristics of different dog breeds.

What is inference

The term inference is used for the process of running an AI model with data to get a prediction or solve a task.

To put simply, inference refers to the process of using a model, that is, performing "prompts." ChatGPT, for instance, is a service that allows end users to run inference on OpenAI's proprietary GPT models.

Launchpad allows you to build a similar product for end users or your company's own internal use but also opens up the opportunity to go way beyond chatbots and build whatever you can think of.

One of the main benefits of Launchpad is that it allows you to run open-source models, which provide several benefits, some of which are:

  • Security: sensitive data never leaves your environment and can't be used to continue training models.
  • Cost: The cost of running inference is orders of magnitude less than using an API of a proprietary model.
  • Accuracy: You can choose models that are better suited for the tasks you want to execute.

Why Launchpad

AI is the most powerful technology ever built. No one company should be allowed to hold that much power.

We believe AI should be open, accessible, and transparent. We firmly believe closed-source models have no place in a world where AI is abundant and present in our everyday lives.

Advancements in AI and categories driven by AI, such as robotics, will lead humanity to unprecedented prosperity.

Launchpad is our response to the growing threat that closed-source AI models and AI regulation, for that matter, present us.

Our goal with Launchpad is to do as much of the heavy lifting as possible to give developers the tools they need to disseminate open-source AI for everyone who needs it.

Our vision with Launchpad, as implied by its name, is that it becomes the platform that helps catapult humanity to a new era of prosperity. We are committed to building it consistently to gradually bring the price down, facilitate the deployment of open-source AI, and give powerful tools to builders who share our vision.