Remaining and Unused time

Your invoices might contain line items that look like this

An invoice with Remaining and Unused time line-items.

The Remaining and Unused time line-items are Prorations. They indicate that a service was either added or removed from your Project during the billing cycle.

  • When you remove a service from your Project, the Unused time item adds a credit to your next invoice.
  • When you add a server to your Project, the Remaining time item adds a debit to your invoice referring to the date you added the service up until the service renewal.
  • If you add and remove the same service during the same billing cycle, you will only be charged for the time you actually used it.


  • Each Project is a different subscription. You will receive a separate invoice for each of your Projects.
  • Payment methods are managed per Team. If you want to use a different payment method for each Project, reach out to us.